Best Keyboard Tester Software List

It is very important to test your keyboard to find accessibility issues. Keyword testing provides you a lot of benefits. These include ensuring each interactive element is operable for those who don’t use a mouse, highlighting any problem with page structure, providing the tester with hints about anything, & additionally, identifying any visible focus issues.

However, keyboard testing is easy simple, & free you don’t need to buy install any hardware or software.

Here are the best keyboard software tester tools:-

1) Keyboard Test Utility- It shows an on-screen virtual keyboard interface. Although, whenever you press a key, the interface will turn yellow on that key.

Keyboard test utility is the hardware health application that helps users to test the utility of the keyboard. This tool really helps users to troubleshoot the issue whatever it is hardware or software-based.

The whole keyboard test is a Utility application is distributed online in a single EXE file. All you need to do is just download this portable file on any local storage device and run it.

However, whenever the user press on the keys of their keyboard, a form of a visual showcase of a standard keyboard layout will pop up. Now, the small screen on the bottom will showcase the digital command that it even has already sent to the PC.

2) Keyboard Tester- Keyboard Tester is running on the web & you don’t need to install it on your computer. It also gives you the ability to test the keyboard with a standard keyboard.

However, the keyboard can be easily and cheaply replaced with the new one.

Let’s understand the features of the keyboard tester

  • The downstroke and the UPS store both are highlighted in different colors.
  • Depressed time and measurement of the keyboard repeat.
  • Use BIOS scan codes for texting language independence.
  • Allows the creation of your own custom keyboard layout.
  • It supports up to 100 keyboards.
  • Testing of a compound key, like.COM or.WWW key.
  • For testing rows and columns, there is a display option.
  • Support for all connector types.

3) Aqua Key Test- Aqua key test assist you to check your computer keyboard anywhere. It also enables to copy to USB & memory cards. It is the fastest and the standard keyboard test app. Here, the keyboard input is practically sent to the aqua test key first, whenever the application is opened.


  • Aqua key displays the bios window key codes that you have pressed most.
  • It also runs a led test verified all LEDs are working as they should or not.

Aqua key test avoids capturing fake input created by the various applications.

4) Pass Mark Keyboard Test- Passmark keyboard test enable the user to check that all the keys in the keyboard are functioning well or not. Along with that, it also allows the user to check the keyboard LEDs. It lets you look at the internal scan codes that are generated by the keyboard.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Pass Mark keyboard Test allows you to test mouse click features like Right-click, Middle-click, & Left-click. It also supports users to check response time.

For windows

  • Verify all keys are functioning or not on your computer keyboard.
  • Check keyboard LEDs.
  • Check whether the internal scan code has been generated by the keyboard.
  • Measure mechanical typing speed.
  • Upstroke registration.
  • Support keyboard layouts.
  • Established industry keyboard testing utility.

5) Kb Tester- It offers a virtual keyboard to check the functionality of the keyboard. The colors of keys on the virtual keyboard turn Red when you type the keys on the keyboard.

  • With Kb Tester, you can also copy the windows & Paste them on any photo editing software.

    The keyboard tester allows you to check each and every button on your keyboard. Whenever you press a key on the keyboard a specific tab will open, where you need to press the key and check its functionality.

    However, the key might type the letter exactly as you have been meaning to type. In that case, the particular key is absolutely fine. While, if the key doesn’t change the color while pressing a certain key, then there must be an issue.