Manual click test - measure your speed and accuracy!

With this fun and free tool, boost your accuracy and reactivity

User-friendly design

User-friendly design

The website has an easy-to-use design that makes it simple to get started and monitor your progress.

Multiple modes

Multiple modes

You can measure your clicking speed in both the right-click and simple click modes.

Results in real-time

Results in real-time

Use the Manual Click Test to get immediate feedback on your clicking accuracy and speed and monitor your development over time.

Comfortable for all levels

Comfortable for all levels

Adjust the time limit, the number of clicks, and other options to suit your interests and level of expertise.

International Competition

International Competition

Compete against users from across the globe to see where you place on the global scoreboard.

Free to use

Free to use

Anyone with an internet-connected device can use the program for nothing. No installations or downloads are necessary.

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Steps to use

  1. Open the website at
  2. Choose the click mode you want to test (Simple, Right)
  3. Set the time limit for the test (optional)
  4. Click the "Start Test" button to begin the test
  5. Click as fast and accurately as you can until the test ends
  6. The tool will display your results, including clicks per second and accuracy, at the end of the test

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I utilize the Manual Click Test for graphic design and gaming purposes?

Yes, as clicking speed is a crucial component of gaming and graphic design, Manual Click Test is an excellent tool for both professions. You can advance your gaming or graphic design skills by measuring and enhancing your clicking speed.

Can I assess how quickly I click in comparison to others?

A leaderboard of the fastest clickers is shown in Manual Click Test, allowing you to compare your clicking speed to that of others. This is a fantastic approach to assess your performance and inspire yourself to get better.

Is the Manual Click Test appropriate for users of all ability levels?

Manual Click Test is accessible to users of all ability levels thanks to its user-friendly design. This tool is easy to use and intuitive, whether you're a novice or a seasoned user.

Can I use the Manual Click Test to speed up my clicking?

The Manual Click Test is an excellent tool for accelerating clicking. By regularly timing yourself and clicking, you can keep an eye on your progress.

How exactly does the manual click test come out?

The Manual Click Test is extremely accurate thanks to its sophisticated algorithms. The program monitors your clicking speed precisely so you can see just how quickly you are.

Can I use Manual Click Test on a mobile device?

You can access Manual Click Test on any device with an internet connection, even mobile ones.

Is using Manual Click Test free?

Yes, using Manual Click Test is free. To use this tool, there is no fee required.

How does the Manual Click Test function?

The Manual Click Test counts how many times you click the button over 10 seconds. To provide an accurate reading of your clicking speed, the program makes use of sophisticated algorithms.

What is a manual click test, exactly?

The Manual Click Test is an online application that counts the number of clicks you make per second.

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